The Greek Mainland

Taken primarily in Meteora and Athens, these photos do not do justice to the vast and variable Greek Landscape. Instead, they trace a common tourist route, but it is a common route for good reason.


The night I left Athens was the night of the referendum during the summer of 2015. ATM’s were congested with frustrated Athenians from all levels of society, the subway was opened up to the city with no fare being charged, and the streets were full with protesters.


But that was Athens, and as most Greeks living far from the great city will tell you, there are two countries called Greece, Athens and everywhere else. In the heaving granite landscape of Meteor, where for hundreds of years monasteries have been laid slowly, stone by stone, on peaks and ledges not even the most daring goats would endeavor upon, the humble country residents would shrug at any question related to the government or economy. Those things were a world a way.