Kiritimati is better known as Christmas Island. Both names however sound the same when correctly pronounced, as Kiritimati is simply the phonetic spelling of Christmas Island in the national language of Kiribas. Kiritimati is one of the islands that makes of the pacific island nation of Kiribati. Kiritimati is a unique place. Until 50 years ago it had never had any permanent population. Ironically, only after it had been used as the testing site for 7 nuclear bomb detonations during WWII did it technically become "habitable." Now, the population relies heavily on foreign aid and charity to sustain itself, and Kiribas is expected to be the first nation to be consumed by rising sea levels due to climate change. Climate change, however, is not the biggest concern for Kiritimati. Within 4 years, the island will have completely drained its existing water table, and already the population has begun the slow process of relocating to nearby shores.