If you are in Santiago, Chile, and take the Metro 1 line to Pajaritos, one of the last stops, and walk for 20 minutes along the river that leads out of town. You will eventually reach an abandoned and long overgrown mini golf course followed by a two shabby and weather bleached circus tents that somehow do not look at all out of place. You will hear shrieks, some of pain and some of laughter, echoing out from their tinted din, and if you go inside you will be met by distrusting stares. But if you climb up onto one of these contraptions and push yourself past whatever your comfort zone is, no matter how meager that feat may be, you may just earn their trust. These photos are from El Circo Del Mundo, a circus school in Santiago, and I am forever grateful to the teachers and students that allowed me to capture their fleeting moments of airborne glory.

el circo del mundo