These photos were taken during a weekend in November, when Nick White, Galen McCleary, Matt Schnieder, myself, and Jason (who I would really not be surprised to discover has no last name) went to Black Rock Desert in the Nevada Desert. An hour outside of Reno, This is the flat and seemingly endless expanse of land where every year the Burning MAn Festival is held. The immensity of the Playa (the completely flat mud plain that stretch for close to 80 square miles) is inconceivable. The area is also notable because it has an unordinary thin crust that separates it from the outer mantel, which creates a lot of volcanic activity around the outskirts of the the playa. The lumps of miraculously colored mold looking material are actually gyres that feed into hot spring pools. some of the water burns the rubber on the souls of your shoes when you stand in it. While there, a friend famliy friend of Galen, a Harvard professor named Alberto, let us go falconing with him and his dogs.

Black Rock Desert